Good question,  but they are lost in the doings of time,  but never cry over spilled milk, drink it from the floor or let it be goo. Me? I spent three days walking south, passed the Netherland/Belgian border, on my way to Hasstel.

It was marvellous!

Like the creators of time had spent extra time on this small part of the world.

The landscape was painted before my eyes in the most fantastic of colours, great, sad mastodon mountains hopelessly tried to reach for the stars,  large green forests spread out like animated soldiers protecting the lands against intruders, lakes spread life around

So much bubbling, so much living, the sweetest nectar lay in the buzzing caves of the bee, large deers roamed the fields and royal Eagles flew keept a watching eye on everything.

The people you meet on the road all gave their warmest greetings, some even handed a helping hand and shared love like no others. 

All that was missing was song and dance.

But that might just have been a bit too much.

It was a marvellous place.

One of Kings and Queens


Everything stated above might,  or might not, or was most definitely an exaggeration.  We’ll never know.

Unless I find my memorysticks.

But it was a nice walk.