So eventually my cards ran out of space, but you didn’t miss much, it was on hill after another, a happy chinese old man at the best buffét place in Spain, nad hooking up with my brother. And though he, as we all, have his flaws. He surely can deliver, and as a congratulation present for getting this far, he gave me a thirtytwo gigabyte memory card.


Which was good, as we had just arrived to Ronda, and when you’re in Ronda, you kinda’ need a full set of camera equipment.

Ronda – this small spanish mountain town – made known by Hemingway, Orson Wells and being the birthplace of modern bullfighting – sitting on the top of a unaturally perfect plateu for protecting medieval fortresses it makes for one of those places you never reall forget you’ve seen.

Not only for the city itself… but the views and the way it plays with the sun can be quite fantastic.